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Choosing the right broker is a truly personal experience each trader has in store for them. There are so many brokers to choose from nowadays and most of the try to convert you with flashy ads promoting greatest binary options bonuses, right?

The process of choosing a broker seem long and difficult. Different brokers offer various bonuses, services and trading tools, and the best way to decide who will take care of your funds in the future is to inform yourself as much as you can. Yes, that means reading the fine print, so gather up all of your patience and get to work. Bonuses are an ordinary thing among broker firms. An amount and a type of bonuses vary of course but the idea stays the same. The firm wants to thank you for choosing them or for being their customer for a long period of time.

What is a binary options promotion?

You might be wondering what exactly are binary option bonuses right now. Binary options bonuses are a way for you to make more trades with different strategies without putting your funds in danger. It might be seen as a safer way to trade by some. A trader will have more time to get used to a new trading environment and learn how to use a certain system. Besides a welcome bonus most firms offer, there are other types as well and you should keep your eyes open for them before you register anywhere.

Keep in mind they might be even more useful in the long run than the welcome bonus. Also, if a bonus sounds too good to be true, double check it. You most certainly do not want to be involved in any kind of scam and it is better to be safe than sorry. So let’s take a look at some of the best binary options 2016.

Magnum Options Bonus

1. Magnum Options Bonus

Magnum Options is a terrific binary options website that provides their clients with numerous advantages. There are many learning opportunities and educational texts you will find there and the number of their new clients is growing every day. It is also worth mentioning that their platform is easy to use, so it is well suited for beginners as well. Minimal trade deposit on Magnum Options is $5 which is quite low and therefore very useful to new traders who are looking for a place to try out their strategies.

When it comes to returns, the situation is not so different from the other firms out there but still up to 81% of returns is really beneficial. However, you should also pay attention to the fact that Magnum Options offer 10% bonus returns on your lost trades which may not seem like much but still, it is something.

2. AnyOption Bonus

AnyOption is one of the pioneers of binary options trading and they are still around today. That has to mean something, doesn’t it? They offer a simple and useful trading platform any trader regardless of their level of knowledge will be capable of using. AnyOption might not have the flashiest and fanciest advertisements around but their bonuses are worth checking out. As a matter of fact, AnyOption is great for novice traders because they are more likely to be on a losing side since they are still finding their way in the market.

The refund bonus is 15% for the funds you have lost and that is one of the highest numbers offered out there. On the other hand, the return is around 65% and that is somewhat lower than the average. So check your priorities and make a decision. Another thing you should know about AnyOption is that there is no welcome bonus so if you are looking for that primarily, this might not be a place for you.

3. Trade Rush Welcome Bonus

Trade Rush is a binary options broker on the rise and they should be on your list of potential brokers. Why? Well, they are eager to improve the trading experience for their customers as well as provide them with some of the best bonuses out there. You will have plenty of free educational materials at your disposal as well as a free mobile application.

And here comes the best part – Trade Rush offers up to $5,000 to their new clients as a welcome bonus. That can qualify them for one of the top binary options bonus 2016.The money returns on Trade Rush are nothing to write home about with up to 70%-75%, but the welcome bonus is quite attractive to a large number of traders.

4. Boss Capital Educational Offers

Another fairly new binary options broker on the market, Boss Capital is making a name for itself with their powerful trading platform. Their clients are drawn to them because of many features and tools it provides. They also offer really low minimum trading deposit which is $10 for a single trade. If you are looking for one of the best profit returns rate on the market, Boss Capital has that covered as well. Their return rate is 85%. I know that educational offers are also very important so it is worth mentioning that they have a plethora of useful aids ready for their clients.

24Option Trading Bonus

5. 24Option Trading Bonus

24Option is one of the best known binary options brokers out there. Their trading platform is a feast for the eyes and you will not feel any kind of regret if you decide to choose 24Option as your broker. They raised the bar for all brokers in the market when it comes to trading platforms and I am sure you will be capable of navigating through it in no time. With that said, we shouldn’t ignore the additional benefits in the form of bonuses they offer. Their money returns can go up to 89% depending on a situation, and that number is hard to find among brokers. Also, every new client will get up to 100% binary options bonus 2016 when they register. 24Option also have plenty of educational videos and tutorials you can watch whenever you want. However, their minimum trade deposit is a bit on a higher side – $24. That might not be suitable for traders who are completely new to the market and prone to making mistakes.

Get 100% Bonus with 24option

6. Redwood Options Education

Redwood Options might be the best binary options 2016 broker for all the beginners out there because it not only has a free video academy aimed exclusively at them, but also a very low minimum trade at $5. Beginners can learn and trade as they go, and that is the best way for becoming a skillful trader. Their educational materials are exceptional and worth checking out.

They might not have a lot of fancy tools like other large brokers but they are getting there. Their return rates are also good and can go up to 81%. Of course, Redwood Options has bonuses as well – you will get 100% on your first deposit.

7. OX Markets No Deposit Bonus

OX Markets provides each new client with an instant €25 bonus on their trading account once they are registered. They are just starting up so they are fighting for their place among the larger brokers. OX Markets is another binary options broker which provides useful educational materials for all traders, regardless of their previous knowledge and it is not complicated to get through the lesions.

Their binary trading platform shouldn’t be left out from this review – it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will get a hold of it very quickly. Also check out their binary options promotions section, you might find some additional interesting bonuses. This broker is a scam, do not sign up!

8. ZoneOptions Risk Free Trade

ZoneOptions is another broker that is trying to attract beginners as their new clients and it is working so far because their offers are truly useful. First of all, a client will receive a free educational e-book once they become a member. There are many more learning materials available on their website, of course. Secondly, if your first trade fails and you lose your funds, ZoneOptions offers a bonus and they will refund you up to €50. So you basically have a risk free first trade.

Their return rates are 85% which is also pretty exceptional. But there is always a downside and that is the minimum amount of money you need for a single trade and in this case, that is $20.

9. StockPair Deposit Bonus

They might not be well-known but StockPair is a very innovative and unusual broker firm. The users have some quite new options to choose from when it comes to trading such as pairing up different assets and predicting the outcome. Their return rate is average and the minimum trade is $20 which is nothing spectacular. But their binary bonus is 100% when you make your first deposit which makes it more attractive to some traders.

Banc de Binary Education & Tools

10. Banc de Binary Education & Tools

There is not much to add here since Banc de Binary is probably the most famous broker house in the world. And they deserved that title because their introductory bonus is the binary options bonus 2016 you have been looking for. Banc de Binary knows how to take care of their customers and they offer up to 91% of returns.

The fee for a single trade is $1 and you won’t find that anywhere else. If you want to test out some complicated strategies, this is a place to be. Banc de Binary puts the emphasis on comfortable trading so they made sure you have everything you need at your fingertips. That includes all the tools and educational materials you want.

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