What Are Binary Options?

Have you ever thought about trading on the stock market but are not sure where to begin or you have been put off because you don’t have sufficient funds to be able to make it happen?

Well, with Binary Options Trading you don’t need to worry about having enough cash to get going or about searching out a stockbroker that you can trust.

With Binary Options all you need is a computer, a credit card and a good internet connection and you can leave the broker research to us! That really is all you need to open up a trading account – and you can start trading with as little as $5.

The Best Binary Options Brokers

We only recommend the best binary options brokers that the industry has to offer – and with so many to choose from we outline for you what all the leading companies offer and what to watch for out for so that you are completely confident when it comes to investing with your own hard earned cash!


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All of the leading trading platforms will offer a basic setup for that includes the following:

investing with binary options Educational resources, including a demo account to familiarise yourself with the platform the process
investing with binary options Live customer service and trading support
investing with binary options Analytical tools such as graphs and statistics
investing with binary options Customer reviews
investing with binary options Mobile apps so you can trade anywhere, any time that markets are open

Any reputable broker will offer all of these services on their platform.

In addition to this, it is worth paying attention to the kind of offers that binary options brokers present to their users. Some may cater for smaller depositing traders whilst others to the opposite. There are many sites offering broker comparisons based on the following features:

investing with binary options Minimum deposit amount
investing with binary options Minimum trade amount
investing with binary options First deposit bonus
investing with binary options Payout rate (given as a percentage)
investing with binary options Demo account
investing with binary options Risk free trades
investing with binary options Free Signals Tool

Binary Options Explained

A Binary Option is a way of investing on an asset price that has only two closing positions. A trader can expect to make a return if the closing position is forecast accurately.By predicting the outcome it will be possible for a trader to make a profit.

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Choosing “High” or “Low” is the most famous. Before the start an agreement of the time duration is fixed before making the prediction. When the time frame has ended the asset price will be higher or lower than the price fixed at the outset. successfully predicting the outcome sees a fixed return paid to the investor. If the prediction ends up on the wrong side of the “strike” price the trader will lose the sum that he invested when the trade was opened.

investing with binary options

Why Binary Options Trading is so Appealing

To really understand the appeal of Binary Options it is helpful to envisage how they are different from investing in other financial markets.

Usually when speculating on assets investors look to buy a quantity of a stock. That’s what is meant when it is said someone is a shareholder or owns shares in a company.

The price of an asset depends on the price of each share. Consequently, if assets are acquired when the prices are low and then sold back into the market when the prices have risen The opposite of this is that if the trader sells the asset back when the market value has gone down the investment will have been lost.

Investing like this demands an extensive knowledge of a wide range of things. One example would be to have studied what the asset’s price movements have been in the past, how the asset is influenced by price-changing events in the market, and, of course, what will happen in future to the asset.

The media updates us throughout the working week about how conditions in the World’s Markets are constantly changing and we will all have had experience of a Crash. Having considered all of this, to be a good investor you should analyse market conditions, learn about price movements for particular assets and utilise trading methods that exploit the market’s movements in your favour.

Having no strategy or a lack of understanding of assets and the market may leave you in your own private depression. What you have set aside for investing will soon evaporate, you won’t have enought to buy presents for the kids at Christmas and your partner may run off with someone more successful than yourself.

In contrast an investor does not need to buy a stake or share of an asset when making trades with Binary Options. Instead, and as I said above, investments are made based on the prediction of whether the price of the shares will rise or fall. and whether the price will end up higher or lower than it was at the start.|Rather that trades are made on a price going up or down. It follows from this that the investment amount when placing Binary Options trades is way lower than when you invest your hard earned savings on the stock exchange.

Take Gold as an example. The high price of Gold in the market makes it an unsuitable asset for most people, but when investing with Binary options you don’t pay for Gold, you make an investment based upon the price of Gold.


Which Assets are Good for Trading as Binary Options?

Indices – Every trading centre is referred to as an Index The NYSE is in New York, the FTSE is located in London and there is also the Nasdaq. Believe it or not, it is possible to place trades on the actual markets themselves over set time frames!
Forex – Is to do with major world currencies, like the US Dollar (USD) or the Japanese YEN (JPY) Trading on currency pairs can present quick and highly lucrative investment opportunities.
Commodities – Could be either something extracted, for instance, coal or gas or something that is cultivated such as cocoa or livestock.
Stocks – We talked about purchasing shares earlier on, these could be shares in a company or a business such as Walmart or HSBC.

The first place to start as an investor is to select which asset to trade with. Although i mentioned that one of the great appeals of Binary Options is their ease of use it would be to your benefit to know a little of how your chosen asset reacts to the market. To illustrate this point further, if you have paid avid attention to the success of Mark Zuckerberg and the rise of Facebook, then it may be of interest to you to make predictions on the price of Facebook shares. It stands to reason then, that the more up to date you are with the price changes of your asset in the market, the more likely you are of correctly forecasting which way the price will move.



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